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Bolgheri is one of the finest areas for Tuscan wine.
Its name is famous everywhere for the high quality cultivation of international grape varieties.
Bolgheri was only granted the DOC label in 1994, but its name is already well known for the excellence of its Supertuscan wines.
There is an alchemy that blends climate, soils and tradition that goes beyond the quality of single grape varieties and makes Bolgheri the perfect place for producing powerful and refined wines.
The Mediterranean microclimate, the soils (clayey, clayey-sandy or sandy-clayey or muddy), the Cecina and Cornia rivers – an incredible reserve of water for the subsoil – a chain of hills, on the east side, that protects the vineyards from the cold winters and the sea and the breezes that mitigate the heat of summer; these elements create the perfect conditions for viticulture.
Antonio Moretti Cuseri has always been in love with the coast of Tuscany, where he used to spend the summertime during his childhood.
In 2005, building on the success of the Tenuta Sette Ponti, he decided to leave his footprint in this incredible land, by buying the ORMA vineyard.


Orma, in english footprint, is a vineyard of 7 hectares of which 5.5 under vine.
It was planted between 1999 and 2000 and the training system is spurred cordon.
It is located in the best part of Bolgheri area: on the north side of Bolgherese road, where the soil is more suitable for the cultivation of the vine.
The soil is rich in pebble and clay with a small quantity of sand.
The average yield is 45 hl/ha and the planting density is around 7800 plants per hectare.